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Herkimer Diamond Claw Studs
Herkimer Diamond Claw Studs
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Herkimer Diamond Claw Studs

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♥ Please allow 7-10 days for production of your one of a kind piece ♥

These gemstone studs feature raw Herkimer diamonds in a sterling silver claw setting.

Herkimer diamonds will vary in exact color, shape and size since they are natural, but will be about 0.5 inches in size.

Metal post and claw setting are solid sterling silver.

Every item purchased arrives in a lovely little gift box. 😘

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*We at Buddha Blossom Jewels believe in the power of intention and harnessing specific energies with the assistance of crystals and gemstones, but we are not able to guarantee that wearing our jewelry will treat, cure or solve any type of problem or health issue.

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