Our Mission

About the Brand:

Every gemstone has a meaning and whether you choose to wear a stone for its energy, as a birthstone or just because you think it’s pretty, we hope you feel connected to it. Each stone is beautiful, unique and a true one of a kind, just like you.

All BBJ jewelry is handmade with love and customized with care by our small team of crystal loving women in a sunny desert studio located in Chandler, Arizona. Each and every gem is hand-picked and sourced ethically, utilizing stones from local Arizona mines whenever possible. Inspired by these beautiful gifts from the earth, we design and create meaningful pieces that can be layered and combined and serve as gentle reminders for us all to stay connected to love, every day.

We strive to lessen our environmental impact and reduce waste by upcycling and recycling throughout all steps of our production processes and using a variety of salvaged metals and conflict free gems. We hope that these small acts will add up to something big, and that the positive intentions infused into the creation of our jewelry might help to energize those who wear it.

Our ultimate wish is that you will feel the love that was present throughout the creation of our jewelry. We hope it inspires you, resonates with you and make you smile.