Fringe & Skin QA with Owner Stephanie

Fringe & Skin QA with Owner Stephanie

For our first Q/A on the BBJ blog, we talked with small business owner Stephanie from Fringe and Skin. Fringe and Skin began with her passion for uplifting and inspiring others. In 2014 she started her small business offering hair and skin care services, which soon evolved into offering holistic services and retail items as well! She is now a full-service salon & spa, Reiki Master energy healer, and yoga teacher!
She has her own yoga studio that she started with her best friend Danielle. Her retail selection began with their love for crystals and their healing benefits that soon led into designing healing crystal bracelets for others! 

What’s the story behind how Fringe and Skin was started? 

Fringe & Skin was a total leap of faith! My husband and I moved back to the small town he grew up in after getting married in 2014. I decided to start my own business in hair and skincare which soon developed into holistic healing as well! It gives me chills to look back on the past 5 years and see how it has grown, along with all the feels imagining what the future will bring! 

What inspires you most in your business?

People. My fulfillment comes from uplifting others. I believe we can make a change in the world one by one, spreading our love and light and special gifts that God gave us. 

Do you have a daily beauty ritual, spiritual ritual or both?

Both! My spiritual ritual includes a morning yoga flow, meditation and quiet time in prayer. Alone time is powerful. ♥️ I also love CRYSTALS! I wear them daily to help balance myself. 

Beauty would include drinking LOTS of WATER and wearing SPF daily! I also like to treat my skin to Vitamin C serum and a hyaluronic acid serum daily! It makes it feel so wonderful and the long term benefits are amazing! 

How did you first get into yoga and what is your favorite pose?

I began taking yoga classes at a local fitness center in 2014, I became passionate about it and decided I wanted to become certified to teach myself! I began my 200-hour yoga training in 2017. Once I finished that I began my 500-hour training at Evolve to Harmony with Carole Westerman in Omaha! I am halfway through it, and it has been such an awakening experience. I am now certified in Pre/Post Natal Yoga and a Master Reiki Healer! I love the journey of yoga as I am constantly learning and evolving. 

I would say my favorite pose would be any balancing pose — I love feeling what my body is capable of and watching myself become stronger mentally and physically!

What is your favorite crystal?


If you could give one tip to other women who are just getting started and wanting to start their own business, what would it be? 

Follow what brings fire into your soul and don’t give up! Life is far to short to not be using our gifts and doing what we love each and every day. Follow your heart and let go of fear, if it brings fire to your soul it is most likely your God-given talent. Everything always works out and falls into place if we have the courage to follow that. ♥️

Lastly, I can't interview a beauty expert and not ask this question- do you have a favorite natural beauty tip you'd be willing to share? 

HYDRATION + SPF! Don’t forget what we put into our bodies comes out in our skin! A very high percentage of early signs of aging are linked to sun damage and damage that has been done in our early years! Be sure SPF is a part of your daily routine! (:

The best place to see Stephanie's yoga and skincare tips is to follow along on her Instagram here



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