Top 5 Crystals for the New Year in 2024

Top 5 Crystals for the New Year in 2024

It’s almost 2024!!! And we are so ready for this. 2023 has been a wild ride with lots of lessons learned, we’re feeling excited for some fresh energy as we release the old and enter this new year. We picked our top crystals for this upcoming year and organized them into a nice little list for you, here they are, along with the why. We will be right there with you as you set intentions, manifest goals and foster positive energy in the year ahead. We wish you a very happy new year, now for the crystals!

At the top of our list is bright and happy citrine, it is often referred to as the "Success Stone" due to its association with wealth, abundance and prosperity. As we step into 2024, harness the radiant energy of citrine to invite positivity, good fortune and a mindset of abundance into your life and endeavors. 

2. Amethyst:
Amethyst is a powerful protective stone with calming and meditative properties. As we embark on a new year, amethyst can help alleviate stress, enhance spiritual awareness and promote a sense of inner peace, making it an ideal crystal for personal growth and transformation in 2024.

3. Carnelian:
Carnelian is a vibrant and energizing crystal that is associated with creativity, motivation, and courage. Embrace the fiery energy of carnelian to ignite passion, boost confidence and stay motivated in pursuing new opportunities and ventures throughout the year.

4. Crystal Quartz:
Crystal quartz is known as the "Master Healer" and is revered for its ability to amplify energy and intentions. In the new year, harness the purifying and clarifying properties of crystal quartz to set clear intentions and promote balance in all aspects of life.


5. Moonstone:

Moonstone is a symbol of feminine energy, intuition, and emotional balance. In the new year, let the gentle and nurturing energy of moonstone guide you in embracing emotional harmony, enhancing intuition and aligning with the natural cycles of growth and transformation.

⭐️And a BONUS! Black Tourmaline:
Black tourmaline is a deeply grounding and protective crystal that helps absorb negative energy and promote a sense of security. Use black tourmaline to create a shield of energetic protection, dispel negativity and foster a strong foundation for personal and spiritual growth throughout the year.

Incorporating these crystals into your daily rituals, intentions, meditation practices or personal space can help infuse the energy of clarity, abundance, creativity, balance, protection and transformation, setting the stage for a purposeful and fulfilling new year, 2024.

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