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Chakra Nugget Choker
Chakra Nugget Choker
Chakra Nugget Choker
Chakra Nugget Choker
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Buddha Blossom Jewels

Chakra Nugget Choker

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♥ Please allow 7-10 days for production of your one of a kind piece ♥

This rainbow gemstone necklace supports and balances all of your chakras! 7 different natural gemstones are individually wrapped by hand in your choice of sterling silver, 14k gold filled or 14k rose gold filled wire, and strung together to create a strand of chakra balancing sparkle for your neck.

Necklace is made with the following 7 colorful stones, 1 for each chakra in the body: pink tourmaline, orange carnelian, yellow citrine, green peridot, turquoise, blue lapis lazuli, and purple amethyst.

~Why to wear chakra gemstone jewelry?~
Chakra jewelry that is made with the earth's natural gemstones, is known to benefit each of the 7 chakras, or energy centers, of the human body. Specific colors and gemstones charge and support each specific chakra. When you wear stones that support all chakras, each one receives equal benefit, which keeps all 7 of them balanced.

Strand of wire wrapped gems is 12 inches long, but includes a 3 inch extender chain in the clasp and can be worn up to 15 inches long.

Every item purchased arrives in a lovely little gift box.

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*We at Buddha Blossom Jewels believe in the power of intention and harnessing specific energies with the assistance of crystals and gemstones, but we are not able to guarantee that wearing our jewelry will treat, cure or solve any type of problem or health issue.

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