Vera Cruz Amethyst Pendant, 14k Rose Gold
Vera Cruz Amethyst Pendant, 14k Rose Gold
Cruz Amethyst Pendant, 14k Rose Gold
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Vera Cruz Amethyst Pendant

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♥ Please allow 7-10 days for production of your one of a kind piece ♥

This chunky amethyst point crystal necklace features a rare, pale purple Vera Cruz amethyst point that is electroformed in pure, shiny copper and dangles from a 14k rose gold filled rolo chain.

Vera Cruz amethyst is a rare form of amethyst that naturally grows into beautiful points. These crystals have only been found in the Las Vigas mine in Vera Cruz, Mexico and is becoming increasingly rare, as the mine has been closed for many years.

Please keep in mind that stones are natural and will vary slightly in color as well as exact shape and size, but are between 1 and 2 inches long and 1/3 to 2/3 inches wide.

Each amethyst point is electroformed with real copper in our home studio for 6 plus hours, then sealed with a protective crystalline wax to maximize luster as well as prevent potential tarnishing and skin discoloration that can occur on some people who wear copper jewelry.

Electroforming is a very time intensive process which produces amazingly unique yet unpredictable results. Every piece of electroformed jewelry will have its own beautiful imperfections that make it one of a kind!

Every item arrives in a lovely little gift box. 😘

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